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Thank you to my friends and family first:

Ajia Mae Moon
The long time inspiration behind my music, now part of my music and my beautiful wife.
Thank you Ajia!
I’ve loved you so much for so many years. 
I love you more everyday.

Midori. Pandora. Atlas. Key (I love you all the same)
Ed, Angel.
Donna, Blake, Tannis, Chase, Chloe
Momma and Poppa Cave
Jessie & Timmy
Jack Jack, Hunter and Phoenix
Jay, Shaz and Jayden
Mr Regan & Em.
Fiona and Sophia
Weezie!! Xoxo
Kitty – The Wonderful Penny Ball xoxo
Chris Den Hartog.
Drew Camp

Everyone down at The Rabbit Hole 😉
All y’all who help out everyday, thank you

Everyone down at L&M

Last but not least.

Khyber Dog.
She hates my tunes and still puts up with the noise,
just like the rest of you 😉

We thank you very much and we love you all, very much.

Nothing is impossible. 
This album seemed like it would be. I have wanted to put out one more album for a very long time. Yet the thought of writing more music made me anxious. Music was always in my heart but I had given up writing new tunes, Given up on playing guitar. This went on for years. I had fallen into heavy drinking and depression. After getting sober and looking at life under a new light. Something told me it was time to start writing again and create this album I dreamt of. Some tunes are 2016 but most of these songs are written between January and August 2015. Some of these songs were written in the depths of my drinking, back in 2014. These songs are an insight into my new positive life, some are the anger spewed from the pits of my depression. I even decided to throw in a new version of one of your old favourites, Terror eyes me. Another oldie I threw in was Effexor, I wrote it when I was 17, it’s just now being recorded properly for the first time.

Not sure where to start with my personal story. I’ve written what seems like thousands of pages on the events of my life, but never anything I expected someone to read.
Maybe one day I will put it all in a book and have a bestseller…..who knows.

Until then …
My name is Andrew Kyle Moon
Born Feb 24th 1986 to Pam and Ken Bolwyn. My father passed away when I was three year of age. I was given my father’s guitar before I entered grade school. However I wouldn’t learn to play until I reached high school. Music has been a passion of mine since I learned my father was a musician….and I was given that guitar of his. Music is my way of expressing emotions….lashing out….being angry…being happy….and most importantly, spreading love. I put my heart into every song and every melody. 
All my recordings are organic, not the highest quality, but in the moment it was straight from my heart…..Maybe I should just let the music speak for me.

Our music is for everyone.
You have permission to use it in any medium or form of media.
You have permission to remix and re-edit.
Contact me and I will provide tracks;)
Our music is free.


Enjoy my friends. 
This is for each and every one of you. 
From my heart to yours. 

I love you 
Thank you 

Bob Sim Divine vocals “It’s Key”
Ross Albrecht vocals/guitar “Barn Burner”
Penny Ball vocals “Lunatic in Sunlight”
Wolf Indigo-Key Moon Intro “The Wolf”

My Moist Moustache:
Andrew Moon “Jr” – Guitar/Bass/Vocals 
Eric Cave – Drums
DT Smith – Vocals/Bass/Guitar.